Rejecting Profiles-Avoid cyber stalking-netiquette

The online socializing can be fun to meet new people, but you run a certain risk that the person you talk to is not exactly who you say they are because of the anonymity with online socialization. If you don’t do it with a certain delicacy, it can be difficult to break an online novelty or even simply to reject an emailed profile via an online datating service.

Cyber stalking is referred to by email or instant message as unwanted contacts or threats. Cyberstalkers may be relentless and send medium emails so many times in a single day that you don’t expect to check your emails anymore. You can also send pornographic or even disguised viruses as excuses (Which you are more likely to open.)

Bear in mind that hundreds of online dating sites range from online and free dating to monthly or annual membership dating sites, so do not give up and just learn how to say no to your profile online via adult dating.

Tips to say ‘no thanks’ online dating include:

• Do not submit an answer. It’s very poor ways of not opening an e-mail, but once you have contact, do not answer. It’s very bad. This is an ordinary form of no interest in the Internet language and is regarded as appropriate.

• If someone you didn’t answer to continues to send you emails, use your senders block, this is what it is for.

• If you’re in a chat room that is probably not a good match for the person you chat with, say so well to them and wish them well. • Wait for an answer and sign off kindly.

• Always be kind and polite, but don’t say anything you can interpret as an indicator of changing your mind. Cyber stalkers, like stalkers in the flesh and blood, often feel that the other party has done something to lead them on, though not, and therefore leave no room for error.

Tell the online dating department that kind of abuse always. A renowned online company will censure or terminate adult dating

someone who has reports of harassment.

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