Women attracting and seducing: How to maximize your success by using the option limits

Girls can be really challenging to make them feel an attraction – it’s not just based on your looks, wallet contents or car you have parked outside!

After all, how should men know without asking what every girl is looking for?

If you ask DID, you know that it’s small, after all, no girl wants a guy coming up to her who has somehow a sure guy who looks to know what she’s after and who can do it.

So how are you doing? So how do you?

How do you become a person who exudes trust, dominion and presence effortlessly, without becoming a haughty poser or desperate wilderness?

Psychology is the answer. It is central to every persuasive social situation that makes every man’s attempts to attract and seduce women absolutely crucial to the success. Every guy can simply play and gain the game of seduction by learning the CORRECT psychological rules, guidelines and tactics. Let’s look for one such psychological technique for example which correctly improves any person’s chance of at least 50 percent each time he uses a girl number or hooking up with her later on. It is known as option limitation and works on the following human nature principle:

If someone has only one choice, their natural reaction is often to oppose it and take their own path. If, however, 2 or 3 options have been given, the opposite happens: they feel respect for their intellectual freedom and choose from the variety of options presented.

When you collect or seduce a woman, you can use this universal, psychological principle by carefully constructing how important questions or sentences are raised during your conversation.

Many men, for example, think saying, “Can I have a number?” is an excellent way to complete a conversation with a girl. However, the use of options restrictions would be a much more potent and effective way to say the same. Something like: something like: “It was lovely to meet you. Should we change numbers or take a bite tomorrow to eat and to drink?” It is a good choice for the girl – whatever she says yes, you win. What’s what you’re doing? If you give her only the option of creating her own alternative as in the first example, it means that she is not likely to say yes to the option that she was given. She feels she has been respectful of her intellectual liberty and chooses one of these when she subconsciously recognizes she was granted a choice between many outputs.

So, always use the option limit to give the impression that the girl can find a variety of options – even if everyone is good for you. And always try to distinguish between choices, which you can give the girl with the word “or,” in order to strengthen the effect of option restriction. When people hear or they automatically recognize they need to choose.

Limiting options is only one example of how men who successfully create success for themselves with women, whether they know it or not – not through good fortune or luck.

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